Meetings are organised by COST Action Management Committees in any COST country participating in the network. They can be of different types, such as Management Committee meetings, Working Group Meetings, Workshops and Conferences. They may be open to the whole scientific community and provide visibility opportunities for the COST Action. COST will contribute to the travel and subsistence costs of participating scientists, and to the organisation costs of the meeting.

The first PiGutNet Annual meeting has been held in Bologna on Wednesday, March 25 2015.



Genetic and environmental factors to understand dysbiosis including their interaction (epigenetics)

September 17th, 2015 – INRA UMR GABI, Domaine de Vilvert, Bat. 440 – Jouy-en-Josas – France – 78350

The objectives of the meeting titled WHAT IS A HEALTHY PORCINE MICROBIOTA AND WHICH FACTORS AFFECT IT? (Paris, 17/9-2015) was to discuss on how to define a healthy gut and a healthy gut microbiota. In addition, we intended to agree on a definition of a the minimum set of information to get in experiments concerning porcine gut microbiota analysis in relation to health, in order to get ready for metanalysis studies. Finally, a review of statistical approaches more suited for the analysis of such datasets was intended.

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XXXI FEDNA Nutrition Course

November 11th  2015 – Madrid (Spain)

The meeting was performed in the framework of the XXXI FEDNA Nutrition Course. The XXXI FEDNA Nutrition Course which received participation of more than 250 professionals coming from multidisciplinary origins, such as feed and additives companies, pig and poultry industry, universities and research institutes. From our COST consortium, Robert Pieper made a description about the efficacy of feed additives for the manipulation of gut physiology and microbiota in weanling pigs. The talk focused on the use of probiotics and therapeutic doses of Zn oxide in feed, and risks associated. Charlotte Lauridsen also described nutritional strategies for the prevention of colibacilosis in young pigs, with the description on the importance of nutrients that can modulate an early immune response or modulate microbiota of the young piglets. A final round table was performed with the presence of C. Lauridsen, R. Pieper and F. Pérez (from Cost Action FA1401), M. Tokach and D. Cook (USA) and M. Gorrachategui and J. Coma (Spain feed and pig industry).

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Exchange meeting between Early career investigators (ECIs) and PhD students to increases the european connection in research

The think tank meeting “Exchange meeting between Early career investigators (ECIs) and PhD students to increases the european connection in research” will be held at the Faculty of Veterinary, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) ‐ Bellaterra on April 27th-28th.

The meeting will allow to strengthen the relationship between the young researchers involved in PiGutNet network. Their direct involvement in the meeting organization is a good way to increase their involvement in an European environment. During the meeting the attendants will present and discuss their research activities and technical skills and ideas.​

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EAAP 2016

The network chaired the session 61 “Genetic and environmental factors to understand dysbiosis in the GI tract of pigs” during the 67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science in Belfast, UK on September 1st.

4th International Conference on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals, The Hague (NL)  26 -28 Sept. 2016 

Prof. Paolo Trevisi (University of Bologna) gave the presentation “Factors affecting the gastro-intestinal microbial balance and the impact on the health status of pigs”. Download it here. 

 WG4 meeting, Berlin (Germany) 30th November – 1st December 2016

The meeting was dedicated to the WG4. This event is an opportunity to deeply discuss the new EU legislation on the use of antibiotic in pigs with a critical vision on its possible improvement.


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