Antibiotics as a factor of dysbiosis and spread of antibiotic resistance genes.

Working Group 4 is especially dedicated to the causes of development of antibiotic resistance (resistome) in COST 033/14 16 EN pigs and in particular the emergence of multidrug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae and Staphylococcaceae. A second aim is to involve businesses in practice and to investigate the association between farming systems, genetics and feeding and veterinary care and use of chemotherapeutic agents. Aims are:

  •  To stimulate discussion about health conditions and how management decisions differ in farms with high use of antibiotics relative to farms that have been able to largely eliminate the use of antibiotics in piglet rearing.
  •  To analyse and discuss the impact of the spread of antibiotic resistance of bacteria in pig production around the world, with main attention on the areas with high livestock production.
  • To highlight the impact of genetic make-up and varying hygiene conditions on the increase in antibiotic resistance.
  • To open discussion on recent evidence that some dietary factors can favour antibiotic resistance (such as high dosed minerals or amino acids).
  • To assess the impact of the reduction of bacterial variability due to the antibiotic resistance of some bacterial stains, on health and productivity in pig production systems.