Knowledge and management exchange (KME).

Working Group 5 will support KME to support exchange of experiences and knowledge, protocols, experimental design and data acquisition and analysis strategies across the WG1 to WG4, and dissemination towards external stakeholders. Exchange with stakeholders will be in both directions. The goals of this WG will be realized by the following methods: organized and specialized workshops and meetings, STSMs, dissemination and sharing of information via share points, social media, conferences, scientific papers and articles for the industry. The following further tasks have been identified for WG5:

  • Stimulate research, education, exchange of knowledge, technical experience, and mobility among scientists and PhD students.
  • Manage and exchange knowledge with/to the scientific community, policy makers, primary producers, industries, etc.
  • ┬áProvide feedback to pig farmers about the results originated during COST Action meetings can be achieved by not only a web-page but also newsletter that can be distributed by the mean of farmers associations.